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Sitting Child

Infant - 2 Year Olds

At Apple Blossom Academy, we understand that the earliest years are a time of rapid growth and discovery. Our specialized program for infants to 2-year-olds is designed to nurture your little one's innate curiosity and budding potential. Within our safe and loving environment, your child will flourish under the care of our dedicated and experienced professionals.
We offer a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to the unique developmental stages of this age group. From sensory play that sparks their imagination to nurturing interactions that foster social and emotional growth, every day is a new adventure at Apple Blossom Academy.
Our cozy, home-like settings are equipped with age-appropriate toys and materials, encouraging your child to explore, learn, and develop at their own pace. We foster a foundation of love for learning, with a focus on language development, motor skills, and creativity.
At Apple Blossom Academy, we believe in the power of play as a learning tool. Through guided playtime, your child will develop vital skills such as problem-solving, communication, and cooperation.
We also understand the importance of routine in a child’s life. That's why we have structured yet flexible routines that cater to the individual needs and comfort of each child, ensuring they feel secure and loved.
Join us, where your littlest ones will be nurtured to become the brightest stars in the sky, embarking on a journey of endless possibilities.


5 Day Flat Rate $243

3 Day Flat Rate $210​

Experience unparalleled care at Apple Blossome Academy where we shower your little ones with affection and foster a vibrant learning environment that's both fun and stimulating.  

Embrace the Apple Blossom Academy family, where love meets learning!

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